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Transferring Credits


Students are strongly encouraged to seek advising from an International Studies adviser prior to leaving so students know the program's policy and receive help in course selection.

When students return to Northwestern, they should make an appointment with the International Studies adviser and bring the following materials:

  1. Syllabi from courses*
  2. Major course work (papers, tests, presentations, journals, etc.)*
  3. Course descriptions
  4. Notebooks if possible to better clarify the course material
  5. Petition For Credit for Courses Taken Abroad* (print this form and bring it to your advising appointment)
  6. A copy of your transcript from your school abroad*

*the most important materials to bring back

The adviser will review these documents to get a general sense of what was taught in totality. All study abroad programs are different and there are some instances where students can only bring back limited work, like a journal. Students should make an effort to bring back as much as possible in order to ensure that courses will be accepted for major credit.

Since the Adjunct major is housed in WCAS, students must complete the Petition for Credit for Courses Taken Abroad form if, they want courses taken abroad to count towards the International Studies Adjunct Major. THIS APPLIES TO ALL STUDENTS REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE IN WCAS. For a detailed description of the credit transfer process please visit the GLO website.

For SIT programs, students should bring their independent study paper, journal and anything else associated with that learning experience.

To find out what your school's policy for transferring study abroad credits please visit the GLO website.