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International Studies Advising FAQs

Can I use AP credit for Global History I or Global History II?

AP credit does not satisfy the requirement for Global History I or Global History II. These two Core courses must be taken at NU.

My CAESAR account does not correctly reflect my regional and/or thematic cluster choices. Is there something wrong?

CAESAR sometimes doesn’t track the information correctly. To update your CAESAR account with the correct theme & region send an email with your name, major/minor, student ID and correct region/theme to the Registrar’s office:

Can I change my thematic cluster once it’s listed on my CAESAR account?

Yes, you can change your thematic concentration at any time up until you petition to graduate. You can meet with an IS adviser to discuss the change or send an email with your name, major/minor, student ID and requested change to the Registrar’s office:

I took a course that was approved for my IS theme, but my CAESAR account doesn’t reflect that. Does it mean it won’t count?

No, on occasion, CAESAR will mistakenly omit a class from your account. To get your CAESAR account updated send an email with your name, major/minor, student ID, and course in question,  to the Registrar’s office:

How does pre-registration work?

Pre-registration is open to students declared as IS major/minors. Students are allowed to pre-register for a total of 2 classes no matter how many majors/minors you have. IS majors/minors are typically allowed to pre-register for IS courses, approved Poli Sci courses, approved History courses, and approved Asian LC courses. A detailed email is sent to students the week before pre-reg.

I’m not a Weinberg student; do I still need to fulfill the 2-year language requirement?

Yes, all students wishing to pursue International Studies \ need to satisfy the foreign language requirement which requires at least 3 courses of language instruction and proficiency at the 2-year level. For more information about languages at Northwestern visit the NU Council on Language Instruction.

Can I double count courses?

International Studies adjunct majors are allowed to double count up to 2 courses with their primary major in Weinberg. Students in other schools should consult with their primary major adviser to determine their ability to double count courses.

International Studies minors are not allowed to double count any courses with any major at Northwestern. For more information about double counting please meet with an IS adviser. WCAS has helpful information about double counting, as well as The Office of the Registrar: double counting policies across the University.

Can first-year seminars count towards the program?

No, first-year seminars do not count towards the IS adjunct major or minor.

Do I need to get my petition to graduate approved by IS?

Yes, an IS adviser must sign off on your petition to graduate along with your other major/minor advisers. Please set up an appointment to review your petition to graduate at least 3 quarters prior to your expected graduation date.