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Certificate of Distinction in Foreign Languages

This certificate awarded to students majoring or minoring in International Studies, signifies that they have completed extra course work in a foreign language at NU going above and beyond the WCAS language requirement. There are three ways to earn this certificate:

Option 1: Term Papers

(For non foreign language and literature majors only)The applicant has written term papers in a foreign language in three Northwestern courses outside the Language and Literature departments (or in Language and Literature courses at the 300 level).

Option 2: Advanced Coursework

The applicant has taken four 200 or 300-level foreign language courses beyond the WCAS foreign language proficiency level, subject to the College's double-counting restrictions. (for students majoring or minoring in a foreign language, at least two of the four courses may not be double-counted with either the foreign language major or with International Studies)

Option 3: Proficiency in an Additional Language.

The applicant has achieved WCAS proficiency in an additional foreign language. (For students proficient in 2 or more languages). Placement out of a language does not alone count. For example if you place out of a language you must complete one upper level course in that language in addition to completing two years of another language.

Application deadline for current seniors is Friday, June 2, 2023.

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