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Career Paths

What can you do with an International Studies degree? This is a common question for students at Northwestern or individuals considering the IS program. The options are highly varied as students have different focuses and the IS curriculum provides broad, interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. The extensive list of opportunities and possibilities range from non-profit organizations, government agencies, large corporations and businesses, to non-government organizations. Law and graduate school are common options to further your Northwestern academic experience. Other options include teaching English in another country or volunteering internationally. As an International Studies student, you will learn a variety of skills that can be applied to many internship opportunities and professions.

There are a variety of options to consider. We encourage students to think about how their primary major, International Studies program, and interests connect. A good starting place in thinking about internships, summer employment or a career after graduation can be Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA). There are a lot of helpful resources on the NCA website and in the office for all students, at every level of their career.

From Northwestern Career Advancement, the Four Year Career Plan is available to help guide students through the career development process during their time at Northwestern. For International Studies students, this can be a great starting point and foundation for learning about your individual career-related goals and interests.

The Four Year Career Plan documents are below:

The International Studies Global Café is another resource available to students. Graduate Mentors and events, that include Professionals in the Field and student alumni talks, can help you brainstorm opportunities or learn from fellow students and professionals.

Here is an extensive list of internship and career opportunities that can help inspire new ideas and get you started thinking about what you can do with an International Studies major.

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