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Why Pursue International Studies?

Why study International Studies?

We are the home of the International Studies adjunct major and minor. These allow students to pursue a coherent curriculum that addresses global aspects of their primary major. The major and minor programs comprise a set of core courses along with regional and thematic clusters of elective courses. We also offer a series of capstone seminars where IS majors can develop independent research projects.

The weekly Global Café series offers a diverse schedule of events — including small-group meetings with professionals in the field, grant-writing support, topical speakers, and more.

Our faculty are drawn from across the university and represent the most diverse set of substantive and disciplinary perspectives.

The alumni network of International Studies is among the largest at Northwestern. Our alums can be found around the world in government, public activism, international organizations, the arts, and the private sector.

We've identified five classes that are great for first-year students with an interest in International Studies. Learn more...