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Two-Part Honors Seminar: INTL_ST 398-1,2

Students in the honors program register for INTL_ST 398-1 in the fall of the senior year and INTL_ST 398-2 in the winter of the senior year. 

INTL_ST 398-1 (Seminar): This seminar helps students refine their research question, consider their research methods, and begin the work. This is done under the supervision of the honors seminar instructor and with the close supervision of each student’s honors supervisor. By the end of the seminar, students are expected to have a preliminary draft of the thesis paper.

INTL_ST 398-2 (Seminar): The winter seminar is an independent study class where students complete the research and writing of the thesis paper. It may include the opportunity to present the work and receive feedback from colleagues and others. The honors seminar instructor provides further advice and feedback. A well-polished draft is expected at the end of the winter quarter.

The final thesis is turned in the first week of May to the Honors Director. One bound hard copies and an electronic copy are submitted. An electronic copy is also submitted to The hard copies can be dropped off at the International Studies Program office, 2010 Sheridan Road.

Recommendation for Honors

Successful completion of the Intl St 398-1,2 Honors Seminar is necessary to be eligible for departmental honors, but it does not assure the granting of honors. The International Studies Program Honors Committee recommends students for honors, and their recommendation is subject to approval by the Weinberg College Committee on Undergraduate Academic Excellence. The International Studies Program uses the following criteria in its deliberations:

  1. Students work closely with a faculty advisor and the Honors Director to present a polished thesis, which is evaluated by the International Studies Honors Committee. The committee is comprised of International Studies affiliated faculty. The committee must judge the thesis to be of very high quality. In all cases, the committee must submit a written evaluation of the thesis, explaining their recommendation for (or against) the granting of honors, and commenting on the originality and quality of the work. In cases where there is a division of opinion, the Honors Director will report on the thesis as well.
  2. The candidate should have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in International Studies courses.
  3. The candidate should have a minimum GPA of 3.3 overall.
  4. Exceptions will be made to the minimum GPA requirement in items 2 and 3 if the thesis is judged of extraordinarily high quality.

If the department recommends honors, the candidate’s name is forwarded to the Weinberg College Committee on Undergraduate Academic Excellence which makes the final determination of honors. Be advised that there have been cases in which the department has recommended Honors but the College has declined to confer Honors. Additional information about WCAS honors can be found here: