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International Studies Minor

Minor Requirements (8 units)

Students who minor in International Studies must take four courses chosen from a list of core courses, and complete one concentration of at least four courses. Though students completing the minor are not required to take a capstone seminar or complete the language requirement, Weinberg College or other school foreign language requirements may still apply.

  • 4 core courses chosen from:
Course Title
HISTORY 250-1 Global History: Early Modern to Modern Transition
HISTORY 250-2 Global History: The Modern World
HISTORY 319-0 History of US Foreign Relations
or POLI_SCI 344-0 U.S. Foreign Policy
or JOUR 353-0 Dilemmas of American Power
ECON 201-0 Introduction to Macroeconomics
or SOCIOL 215-0 Economy and Society
POLI_SCI 240-0 Introduction to International Relations
  • 4 courses (except where noted) in a thematic concentration. More information about the concentrations and lists of eligible courses may be found each quarter at the program office and on the International Studies website.
    • Global Humanities
    • Political Economy
    • Borders, Boundaries, and Crossings
    • Global Law and Society
    • The U.S. and the World
    • World Language and Experience - requires six units of training in a language beyond coursework satisfying the International Studies foreign language study requirement, plus study abroad or comparable foreign experience.
    • Students who wish to propose a thematic program of study that does not fit into one of the themes listed above may petition to create a self-designed thematic cluster.
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