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Students in any undergraduate school of the University may elect the Adjunct Major in International Studies. The following components are needed to satisfy this Adjunct Major.

How to Declare the Adjunct Major

1. Download a worksheet to assist you in planning the courses for your major. (Course planning Form
2. Set up an appointment to meet with an International Studies Advisor to have your study plan reviewed and approved. The advisor will also sign your WCAS declaration of major form.
3. After you meet with an advisor, take the signed top white copy of the WCAS declaration of major form to the Weinberg Office of Studies, 1922 Sheridan Road.

Useful Forms

Disciplinary Major

Students must complete a disciplinary major offered in any department of Northwestern's schools. Students may declare the International Studies adjunct major before declaring a primary major, but the adjunct major does not by itself meet requirements for an undergraduate degree.

Foreign Language Proficiency

Students must achieve two-year foreign language proficiency. Students must also take at least 3 language instruction courses at the University level.  Adjunct majors are strongly encouraged to continue language learning beyond this minimum requirement, and to establish genuine competency in the speaking, reading, and writing of at least one foreign language. Students may not exercise the P/N option in foreign language courses taken to meet the Weinberg College foreign language requirement.

Grade Requirements

The International Studies Program expects the best out of its students. Students must earn grades of C- or better in all international studies courses. No course may be taken P/N. The courses must be chosen according to the Course Requirements.

NOTE: For study abroad courses, students take all courses abroad for a grade, but the grades transfer back as transfer credit. Students receive credits for the course work, but no grade appears on the transcripts. Grades for courses transferred from any institution, domestic or abroad, are not recorded on the Northwestern University Official Transcript nor are they computed in the cumulative grade point average. However, students are required to take all courses abroad for a grade to have Northwestern University credit applied to their record. Credit will be considered only for a course in which a C grade or better was earned. Anything below a C (including a C-) will not be accepted and will be awarded "0" credit. Failed courses also will be awarded "0" credit, with an accompanying statement explaining that the student failed the course. Non-transferable courses will not appear on the Northwestern University Official Transcript.

Double Counting

Adjunct major in International Studies: Two courses can be double counted for those students following the adjunct major in International Studies who are enrolled in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. Students enrolled in other schools must check with their primary advisor and follow the double counting rules set up by their school. International Studies courses cannot be double counted with any minor.

Minor in International Studies: You may not double count any courses with another major or minor.